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Our industry-leading technology and services enable you to offer referral experiences your customers love.

Referral marketing made easy

Offer your customers the best referral experience with minimal development resources. Launch your full scope referral marketing program within 14 days.

Easy setup and integration

Our branded referral solutions integrate seamlessly into your website with a simple code snippet. Allow your users to refer friends and earn rewards while driving significant revenue growth, all in one place.

  • Centralized UX: Your referral portal is a one-stop-shop for creating and sharing referrals, for reward payouts and customer support.
  • A/B Testing and Analytics: We optimize your referral program based on real data and our proprietary word-of-mouth analytics.
  • International expansion: Our referral solutions are available in every language and support all currencies.

Omnichannel user experience

Roll out your referral program across all channels and convert referrals into sales no matter where your users are. We offer the infrastructure for a seamless omnichannel referral experience on your website, at your point of sale and through your call centers.

  • Tracking infrastructure: We track rewards on your website in real time and create custom interfaces to track rewards in-store and on the phone.
Sales agent training: We provide your shop employees and call-center agents with the technology and the know-how to trigger and convert referrals.

Flexible rewards and referrals

Enable users to share your brand or specific products they know their friends will love. Let them share on their favorite channels and see your brand go viral. We develop strategies that generate maximum growth for your marketing budget.

  • Reward types: Maximize the effectiveness of your referral incentives. Reward your users with cash, store credit, or third-party vouchers.
Reward dynamics: Give your users the freedom to keep, share, or give their rewards to their friends, and even earn bonus rewards for additional referrals.

Referral marketing as a managed service

Aklamio powers the referral programs of 300 international brands. Benefit from our industry-leading expertise.

Optimal budget allocation

Learn how your sales and profits increase through referrals, and what growth potential is still untapped. Aklamio analyzes critical factors to maximize your marketing ROI.

Data-driven optimization

Our market expert Partner Success Managers develop winning strategies and campaigns for your referral program based on data-driven insights and years of word-of-mouth expertise.

Complete customer care

Aklamio takes care of all customer needs and requests related to your referral program: Reward payments, customer service, technical support and legal updates. No need to hire a support team.

Security by design

Aklamio is fully GDPR-compliant. Our technology is continuously audited by external providers, meeting the highest security standards. Your referral program is safeguarded by our automated fraud detection system, which initiates rapid countermeasures against all suspicious activities.

Increase your sales by up to 20% with a referral program powered by Aklamio